What is the earvolution?

Audionoggin is specifically designed for an active lifestyle and does not rely on direct contact with your ears. “The Noggin” is a small device that quickly and securely snaps to your hat or helmet, positioning an ultra thin high-fidelity speaker above each ear. The over ear speakers provide a unique high quality listening experience without the pain and frustration of regular earbuds falling out.

  • Magnetic Mounts
    Audionoggin's Ear Relief system uses neodymium magnets to quickly and securely attach to your helmet, hat or visor.
  • Pure Wireless
    Stop getting tangled up in you music. Connect Audionoggin to your phone via Bluetooth and the speakers wirelessly connect to each other.
  • Ear relief
    They are not headphones and they certainly are not earbuds! Audionoggin lets your ears be ears and not storage containers.
  • Near ear audio
    Each Audionoggin satellite speaker has two 10x18mm high fidelity drivers that work together to produce an unique surround sound experience.
  • Marathon power
    Enjoy up to 5 hours of hassle free music. Snap it on and hit the road, your legs may get tired but your ears won't.
  • Enhanced awareness
    Nothing in your ears means more comfort, less hassles and greater environmental awareness.
  • Thin is in
    At only 12mm thin Audionoggin packs big sound into a sleek design.
  • Remote
    Adjust the volume, answer a call or change songs without slowing down or fumbling for your phone. No wires means no worries.
  • Store - Charge - Protect
    The Charging Case keeps your Noggings fueled up, protected and ready to go when you are.
  • Weather Sealed
    Let the music take your misery away. Rain or shine, Audionoggin will always perform.
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