True To Sport
Ron Johnson | Jul. 31, 2016

Noggin Cycling Sitting 2M

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.” – Lao Tzu

The spectator sees the beginning of the journey as the moment an athlete places their toe on the line and in a flash the gun goes off. The athlete’s view is different. For the athlete the journey began long before the sound of the starter’s pistol.  

The athlete’s journey started on a dark morning when nobody was watching. When they made the decision to do something hard instead of stay in bed. When they decided to rise to a challenge even if the odds of winning were stacked against them.  The spectator sees the winner standing on the podium the athlete knows that there is a victory in simply getting to the starting line.  

This is the undying spirit of sport and the embodiment of humanity’s need to push harder and strive not just for victory, but rather because the journey defines who we are. It happens every day, in every country, in every city around the world. Individuals push themselves for personal greatness because it is their journey and their private victory. They don’t compete in front of a colosseum filled with spectators. They compete with themselves and are filled with a burning desire to live their purpose. At Audionoggin we call this being “True to Sport” and we hold in highest regard all those who share this belief.

It is our dream to create products that are as dedicated to sport as their users. We are there to cheer them on and motivate them as they live their journey. From now on the journey need not be quiet and lonely. This is an Earvolution in the making and you are invited to join.

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